Only a few of you will read all of these few lines to the end and this is exactly what happens to many of those who read the description of your company.

 Unfortunately, the wonderful habit of reading is being lost. First television and now the new media are completely changing the way we experience and acquire information. All this means that a company that wants to keep the way it communicates its identity up-to-date must necessarily make use of the new means of communication and so acquire effective digital contents.

 A corporate video is one of the main tools of corporate communication. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used in various situations: it can be an effective aid in meetings and corporate presentations; it can be included in the form of a DVD in brochures: it can be projected onto fixed screens at the company headquarters; it can be included on the corporate internet site.

In order to be really effective, a video must abide by certain basic rules that only specialist professionals know thoroughly.