Looking at the world from above offers a different point of view that, as well as giving an overall view of our work, also conveys emotions that ensure our experiences are retained in the memory.

Aerial shooting with drones allows landscapes and works to be captured in their entirety, providing an unusual point of view.

To achieve these results, it is not enough just to take to the air, it is necessary to know how to guide the camera precisely to where the emotions are triggered. The pilot’s abilities are vital in order to capture images and transform them into emotions.

Not least, it must be remembered that, in Italy, in order to be able to pilot a drone, flying certificates and authorisations issued by ENAC are required. Comunicazione Tecnologica is an operator authorised to conduct Non-Critical and Critical Specialist Operations, including in urban and mixed areas. Its pilots are highly qualified and possess all the certificates required by the law.

All flying operations conducted by Comunicazione Tecnologica are covered by insurance against accidental harm to third parties.

ENAC Non-Critical Specialist Operations Declaration no. 7147

ENAC Critical Specialist Operations Authorisation no. 7302