In communicating projects or complex procedures, the need often arises to represent something that has never been created or, by its nature, is difficult to access. Some mechanisms, on the other hand, in order to be fully understood, have to be shown broken down into their component parts. In tackling these difficult tasks, 3D computer graphics can be a great aid.

Static images, commonly known as rendering, and animated sequences can very effectively explain complex concepts that describe realities yet to be created. Using different graphical languages makes it possible to obtain simple animations similar to cartoons or evocative images that seem more real than a photograph.

The creation of three-dimensional models of designs and products, in addition to being an important communication tool, can also be an effective aid for research and development. From this perspective, Comunicazione Tecnologica is able to provide vital support, not only to the marketing department but also the technical office of companies from every sector.